Introducing Sapphire Hole, the baddest blue hole in North Eleuthera

This is the blue hole formerly known as “the blue hole in the bush near Preacher’s Cave”. Henceforth known by The Domestic Tourist as Sapphire Hole. Yes, I am officially naming a blue hole under my own authority.

It is amazing how many people in Eleuthera do not know about this blue hole, so I must give thanks to fellow Domestic Tourist Mark Daniels, a Bahamas National Trust park ranger and manager of the Leon Levy Nature Preserve, for the introduction. With his blessing (as the “uncover-er”), the blue hole has a new name: Sapphire Hole.

Photo by Life Undefined
Photo by The Domestic Tourist

On my last visit, Mark was unfortunately out of town. I was accompanied by a friend from Cuba and a former Defence Force officer, the Bahamian equivalent of a soldier. Not only did my nameless Defence Force escort have no clue the blue hole existed, he refused to jump in. He was a proficient swimmer and “not afraid”, but unwavering in his abhorrence of the idea.

Aside from the stunning shades of sapphire, cobalt and crystal blue that define this stunning blue hole, the real attraction is the exhilarating feeling of jumping off a 20-foot cliff into an underwater chasm.

My local guide was not interested. In fact, as I drove him down the track road he could swear I was putting his life in danger, for a completely unexpected reason. His concern: we might unsuspectingly happen onto a ganja field. Admittedly, I was a bit uncertain about which track road to turn down (my last visit was a while ago), but a gun battle with ganja farmers was not on my radar.

Working in the Defence Force, I’m sure he’s seen his share of secret stashes. And the undisturbed forests of the Bahamas provide perfect cover. But this blue hole adventure was not that kind of mission.

The blue hole is actually a short distance from the main road. At the very end of the Public Highway ‘down North’, you turn right and head towards Preacher’s Cave. At the third track road on the right or the only one not barricaded with a chain (my counting might be off), you turn. You drive less than 5 minutes from the main road to a small clearing on the right-hand side. After a 60 second hike through the bush, the blue hole reveals itself.

Fortunately, I found the right road; we avoided the ganja fields, and we had an amazing time at my favourite blue hole in North Eleuthera. Keep this one as our big secret, but if you visit, come prepared to take a dive.

Blue hole, Eleuthera Bahamas

Sapphire Hole, North Eleuthera. Photo by Life Undefined
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