Hands down, the best way to eat lobster in The Bahamas

The next time you are hungry for lobster in The Bahamas, don’t just find a restaurant to serve it up, go out and catch your own, for the best way to eat lobster is definitely hand-hunted, fresh from the sea.

Last month I headed to Andros on a fishing expedition with Tavares Thompson. He runs a tour company called “Me and My”, as in me and my favorite fishing guide Tavares. We raided about a dozen lobster hotels on the hunt for live meat.

In most instances, the distance between my metal spear and the lobster’s skull was less than two inches. Why then did it take more than 15 attempts for me to actually catch my first lobster?

Lobsters are apparently one of the most dim-witted creatures in the sea. Stare them down with a cocked spear and they just stand there staring right back at you. You couldn’t ask for an easier target.

That is assuming you satisfy the other important criteria: you have to be able to swim; you must be able to dive down in 15-20-feet of water and hold your breath; you need a strong wrist to hold the spear taught and a strong forearm to create tension in the sling.

I had all of the criteria covered, for the most part, and yet, with only a margin of error equal to 2-inches, I missed, over and over again. Hence the very boisterous scream when I actually caught one.

Now that I am an expert, my advice on how to catch a lobster is: Leave it to the professionals. However, the best way to eat a lobster remains hand-hunted and fresh from the sea.

Next time you’re feeling hungry for lobster, think about a fishing trip with Me and My or your favorite fishing buddy and go catch yourself a meal fresh from the sea. But make sure you follow my advice, from one novice lobster hunter to another.