How to Get Published

If you can produce quality, well-written, useful and interesting travel articles or stories contact us for an opportunity to publish your work on the Domestic Tourist Publishing Network. We’ll exposure you to thousands of readers and you’ll gain valuable experience in the travel writing market. Before pitching a story idea or responding to a call, please read our Travel Manifesto and Editorial Guidelines.

*Note on Photography: Every article requires photos. Photos from mobile devices are permissible. Writers do not have to be professional photographers.


Contact us if you have a great story to share and you’re looking for the perfect publishing platform to give you exposure and experience through our unpaid writers program. Here’s how you can get published on the Domestic Tourist Publishing Network as a contributor:

  • Guest Blogger: Have a blog you’d like to create or one you’d like to promote? We have a platform to get you started and we’re always accepting guest posts. We’ll include a byline and a link to your personal blog or non-commercial website (<500 Words – Blog Post/Traveler Article) 
  • Traveller Articles: We’d be happy to publish your personal travelogues or first-hand testimonies of discovering and exploring the Islands of the Bahamas. We’re looking for compelling stories to share and emotional journeys. Share you stories on the Domestic Tourist Publishing Newtork.
  • Local Tipster: Do you have great insight into the local tourism industry? Share your local tips about the businesses and places of interest that make the tourism industry run. We’ll publish your local tips with a byline on our network. Also, head over to My Destination Bahamas and use our community feature, where you can share with millions of visitors your favorite things. (50-75 Words – Travel Tip) 
  • Island Expert: If you’re a local travel expert, share your top hot lists, useful info, island profiles and other expert articles and we’ll share your expertise with a global audience. Stand out from the crowd by sharing your thought leadership on the Domestic Tourist Publishing Network. We’ll profile you as a local expert and include a link to your personal blog or website (<500 Words – Expert Article) 
  • Travel Guide: Do you have a business or know someone with a business in the tourism industry? Get more exposure by submitting a free business listing for the My Destination Bahamas Travel Directory. Submit a short business profile with photos and you can benefit a My Destination Bahamas endorsement. We also accept submission for Places of Interest, such as natural wonders, attractions and heritage sites. (100-150 Words – Business Profile/Place of Interest) 

Email us to pitch your idea. We always consider our contributing writers when there is a call for submissions.

Freelance Travel Correspondent

When opportunities are available in our paid writers program, we issue a call for submissions. Outside of our open calls, feel free to pitch us your ideas.

  • Hot Lists
  • Feature Articles
  • Travel Guides
  • Business Profiles
  • Reviews
  • Photo Narratives
  • Infographics
  • Video Narratives

Email us to pitch your idea or respond to our call for submissions. Ensure you familiarize yourself with our Travel Manifesto, Editorial Guidelines and our Copyright Policy.

The travel writing market is a vast place, so here are 37 other publishers who pay. Unless you are a well established travel writer, prepare to climb a high ladder. To put things in perspective, learn these seven myths of being a travel writer.

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